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6-Stars Columbarium Niches in Singapore

Columbarium Niches are Safe Burial Spaces Where People’s Cremains Can be Placed

This is similar to a mausoleum because there is normally a wall with compartments so that urns can be placed permanently. The purpose of a columbarium niche is to have a place where the family can visit their departed loved one after they have been created. The sizes of the niches vary which are in singles, doubles, and family sizes. The majority of niches are constructed using premium granite or marble. Some even have a glass covering which allows the visitor to see the urn and anything else that is in there.


More About Columbarium Niches

A columbarium has a lot of niches, which are made for holding urns in place. They can be found in mausoleums, chapels, or it can even be a wall or stand-along building located outdoors or indoors. It can also be in a cemetery, but it should only be built on a dedicated property. The word “columbarium” in the modern society is also used for describing mausoleum so you can interchange both terms.

Columbarium niche Assignment

A purchaser will be assigned a niche and it will be made valid by giving them purchase a certificate that has the purchaser’s name, when it was purchased, the cost, and the niche number. Each purchase will be held in our finance office.

The columbarium niches in Nirvana Memoria Garden are only for the inurnment of the cremated human remains. Using the space for a different purpose is strictly prohibited.

It is the family’s responsibility or other assigned parties to purchase and provide the urn used for interment. The size of the urn should fit the Niche and the urn will be capable of surviving through elements and should be suitable for removing and transporting in case it is needed. It is not allowed to place any description on the columbarium niche except the urn or an approved receptacle with the ashes inside.

Nirvana - Columbarium Niches

Varying Cost of Columbarium Niches

Some facilities have an indoor and outdoor columbarium niche and the indoor ones are costlier because they give a comfortable place for visitors, especially if the weather is bad. The costs will vary depending on the size of a niche but typically it is 9 x 9 x 9” which can be bought before death. If purchased during the time of death, it can be 20 to 25% more expensive. The cost includes the property where the urn is, 1 inurnment, endowment care, process recording, and the engravement on the urn. We charge more if the inurnment is on a Saturday.

The inclusions in the cost will be discussed to you to give you a breakdown of what you are about to pay for. The good thing with us is that after you are done paying the amount that was presented to you, there are no other charges.


Niche Cover and Engravement

The niche cover should only be provided by us and we do not allow if it will come from a different source because we supply our own. The engravement will only be performed by our company and the design is uniform, as well as the size and style of the engraving will be the same on all covers. The inscription will only contain the name, birth date and date of death. There are forms that you need to fill out before it will be forwarded to us. Niches that will have 2 remains will have the information of both engraved on the niche.

Nirvana - Columbarium Niches

Why Should You Choose Nirvana Columbarium Over Others?

Selection of the site – The edge of choosing Nirvana Memorial Garden compared to another columbarium is that you can choose our feng shui niche which you prefer for your family or yourself. This is possible because all of the burial plots have a good Feng shui.

The Cinerarium is modernized – In the modern state of the art columbarium available, all of the niches are kept in a pavilion with air condition so there is a peaceful and comfortable ambience. The visitors will love this because they want a place where they will not feel uneasy as they pay respects to their deceased loved one.

There is limited space in Singapore – Choosing to have the body cremated and kept in the columbarium is a wise choice because the cemetery and crematories in Singapore is limited. A lot of other crematories and burying grounds should be relocated because of the government’s land planning.

The exhumation services – Nirvana Memorial Garden is also offering to relocate ancestors or have the grave services exhumated from the Choa Chu Kang or other cemeteries. This is for those who have a better resting place for their loved ones than where they are now.

Consultation of feng shui – The customers who want to buy a niche from us should make an appointment for a feng shut consultation based on the chosen niche using the BAZI analysis.

We are reputable – Nirvana Memorial Garden is the largest bereavement care group in Asia that comes with an experience of 20 years in the industry. People can trust the company to give the best care and service. The brand is currently spreading on an international level to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Our installment plan is attractive and has no interest – Nirvana Memorial Garden has a free payment plan of 2 years with 0% interest. With the easy payment plans we have available so that your financial burden is relieved, there are no better schemes anywhere else.

We do not have hidden cost – The Nirvana Price is only a 1-time payment and you do not have to pay anything monthly. In addition, we do not have any hidden costs which other places and could shock those who have purchased from them. There is maintenance fee every month which comes after the purchase. We do not want to mislead anyone and the cost we present is all you need to pay for.

Benefits of Going for a Columbarium

  • Columbarium niches are above the ground and a lot of people are not comfortable to think about being underground once they are buried.
  • There is a dedicated location where the family and friends of the deceased can visit.
  • Columbarium niches take up less space on the ground which is much more environment-friendly
  • The indoor columbarium gives the family and friends of the deceased to pay respects in a comfortable area without having to think about the weather condition


High Quality Columbarium Niches

Nirvana Memorial Garden gives people to choose from a lot of products that cater to the different needs of customers including Columbarium Niches. The biggest Nirvana suite can hold up to 24 urns so you will surely find one that is suitable.

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Family Suite

This is an exceptionally beautiful and luxurious suite that was specifically designed for those who want to stay together with their family even long after they are gone. The niches in this suite are limited because there is only a number of urns allowed because the family suite cannot retain all of them. The ranges are 8, 12, 16 and 24 urns.

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 1 to 4

Suite 1

This suite is very elegant and only the best materials were chosen for its construction, which is why it has a graceful and peaceful atmosphere. There is a state of Buddha in this suite to offer best wishes and blessings for everyone there. there are comfortable couches and serene ambiance that encourages families to sit together while they honor and remember those who have passed on.

Suite 2

The Nirvana Suite 2 is also made from the best materials with a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere. Buddha’s statue is also here so that the loved ones can take home the blessings they will receive and become prosperous and live long. We also placed welcoming couches because it creates the perfect atmosphere where relatives can gather while they honor the dead.

Suite 3

Similar to the previous 2 suites, suite 3 has a very elegant design and gives off a welcoming and peaceful tone. Buddha is also found here to shower the visitors with good wishes and blessings. The couches are comfortable and irresistible so that friends and family will not mind spending more time in the suite as they pay respects to their loved ones.

Suite 4

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 5A, 6A

Suite 5A

Suite 5A and 5B has the same elegance and comfort as the rest provides and the Buddha statue is also found here to watch over the deceased and to give blessings to the visitors. There is also a tempting sitting area and people who visit here cannot stop themselves from staying longer than they intended to.

Suite 6A

Similar to suites 4 and 5A, 6A and 6B have a very elegant design and gives a very tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. Buddha is also here to give blessings to the visitors and give them well wishes. The comfortable couches are also part of their feature so that family and friends would want to spend more time while they remember their loved ones.

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 8BB, 9B

There are 8 auspicious totems used to create this suite which is also called Ba Ji Xiang. One of these totems are the Golden wheel, Parasol, and Victory Banner. In this suite is a Buddha sculpture with a face facing every side. This will enable each niche to face Buddha no matter where they are and this is exactly what Si Fang Fo intended to happen. Equipped with an advanced identification that is computerized, suite 7A and 7B lets the visitors or relatives to just tap in their card to open the niche panel will light up right away to show where their niches are positioned.

Suite 7A & 7B

Suite 8A

Suite 8B & 8BB

Suite 9B

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 10A, 10B

Suite 10A

This is a state-of-the-art suite uses an advanced and computerized system of identification which allows locating and opening of niches using a card. The specific niche will glow the moment the card is tapped to make it easy to locate.  Suite 10A is the only suite that does not cater a specific religion and the only design is the flower on the niches. This suite was designed for the people who do not have a religion. The niches found here are able to carry 1 or 2 urns but others can have up to 4 urns that are ideal for the smaller families.

Suite 10B

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 11 to 13

Suite 11

This suite offers the same comfort and elegance as the others and there is a Buddha statue is there to watch over the deceased and shower blessings to the visitors. It also has a sitting area which is just as comfortable and tempting like the others. The friends and families who go to this suite always stay longer than they intended to because of the comfort the place brings.

Suite 12

This is the only suite here that has a traditional design where the columns are built in that looks like book shelves. This is a common style especially in majority of the columbarium Singapore has. However, Nirvana is on the top because of its very luxurious niches that combines tradition and class to create a beautiful suite.

Suite 13

Singapore Columbarium Niches - Suite 13A

FAQs About Columbarium Niches

  1. Is there a specific type of urn or container that is needed for the cremains?

All niches are designed with an aluminum inside that comes with a moisture dissipation system. Although, there is still a risk of condensation going inside the space of the niche. It is a lot better to use a non-biodegradable container for the cremains that are placed inside the niches.

  1. How many niches can be purchased by a person?

Normally, there is a limit of 2 niches per person and they cannot be privately resold, but it is transferrable to others. The transfer and the fee should be done accordingly.

  1. What does the buyer owe when he or she purchases the niche?

You are buying the interment rights which refers to the right to place the cremains inside perpetually. You do not have any other rights or interest in the columbary, cemetery, or niche.


Other Information

You are not allowed to place plants, flowers, or other forms of decorations in the columbarium except when the interment ceremony is going on. Flowers placed during this time will be removed immediately after the ceremony is finished. Visitors are not allowed to put floral memorials or ornaments to any wall in the columbarium. This is to keep the cleanliness of the columbarium and to maintain its prestigious look because visitors only want to focus on their loved ones. We respect that you want to offer decorations and flowers to your loved ones but maintaining the beauty of the place is our priority. It will not only benefit you but others as well.

As you can see, Nirvana Memorial Garden has invested a lot in this industry, especially when it comes to making the columbarium a pleasant place to visit. We do not want people to feel heavier about their deceased loved on because they have gone through enough. When our niches were being built, we made sure that the atmosphere will be very nice for the visitors while still keeping the atmosphere peaceful and respectful to the deceased. This is why we only used the best materials, equipped some suites with an identification system, placed couches in the suites and made the overall ambience comforting. Nirvana Memorial Garden is with you during this time of sadness and we only want to provide the best experience you can find. The columbarium niches in Nirvana Memorial Garden will certainly be a place where you want your deceased loved ones to because we take good care of our facilities.

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