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Singapore Ancestral Pedestals - Suite 6B

Singapore Ancestral Pedestals - Suite 9

Singapore Ancestral Pedestals - Suite 10BB

Singapore Ancestral Pedestals - Suite 12A

Suite 12 has a design that is semi alfresco, allowing natural light to enter the courtyard, which emulates the garden landscape to exhibit traditional layouts of furnishing which gives a nostalgic effect. The niches are in auspicious maroon using a 9-Grade Golden Lotus that is lodged lined with crystals, showing a sign of eternity, which is 1 of 7 treasures. This is located at the door to symbolize the highest level of attainment which is the belief in Buddhism. Amitabha’s image is displayed to guide the dead to paradise which is on the niche’s door. There are vines shaped in the Ru Yi Scepter form to signify the continuity of generations. The Prajna Paramita Sutra is on the background to symbolize the rite of passage given to the deceased based on the Buddhist belief.

Singapore Ancestral Pedestals - 8D

Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden Ancestral Pedestals

Ancestral Pedestals is Part of the Chinese History

The tradition of putting an ancestral pedestal is part of the Chinese history which came from the old generations and has been passed down. Ancestral pedestals are the pivotal point in a house, to remind family members about the existence of their ancestors and keeping the family together in a bloodline which originated from the past. Due to this, Nirvana Memorial Gardens have created the Pedestal Suites to revive the commemoration and remembrance by presenting the Ancestral Pedestals at Nirvana. The Pedestal Suites make sure visitors have a good place where they can pay respects to loved ones who have departed.

Ancestral Pedestals

Peaceful Niches

The niches in Nirvana Memorial Garden has the finest niches because of the materials used which shows a very distinctive style, while possessing serenity and elegance.

With a lot of Buddha statues in the columbarium, members of the family will receive unlimited blessings of longevity and prosperity. In the suites, there is a calm interior and also comfortable couches so that visitors can have a suitable resting area. Family members have a place to rest and interact, forgetting the sadness.


This Final Resting Place that is Ideal

If you need to relocate a niche or a columbarium or to exhume, or to find cemetery remains, this place will help you. Imagine, there are 80,000 graves needed to expand the Tengah Airbase. Sometimes, you also need to know about the niches relocation which is from Mount Vernon Columbarium. Nirvana Memorial Garden is an ideal resting place for those you love. A lot of clients have seeked helped with us already when it comes to relocation and exhumation.

Ancestral Pedestals

Ju Xian Dian

This place is where the resting lounge of visitors is where the main attraction is the natural sunlight with a unique roof ceiling. This inviting surrounding and greenery is very inviting and it goes further than that to make this place ideal for families where they can gather and stay updated on the lives of each other. This is to add cheer and remove the sad feelings which normally comes with being in the columbarium. There is buddha’s life size sculpture, beautiful bamboo vegetation and a remarkable Feng Shui balls that are rotating to fascinate you.

Hall of Three Buddha

This huge hall is home to 3 Buddhas of Sama and their names are Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara and Ksitigarbha Bodhisavatta. These are believed to be the caretakers who look after heaven’s realms, man, and earth. This order cannot be changed because it is specific to that. The ceremony of departure which is called the Sheng Tian Yi Shi is only in Southeast Asia and has attracted a lot of media curiosity and a lot more, even Reuters. This ceremony is the same as the one that happens in the main hall to specify that there is an urn that was officially placed in the niche. There is non-stop chanting, and beautiful lighting to illuminate this sad ritual and it illustrates the journey of the departed loved one going to the other side. When a person participates in this, mourners feel peaceful and comfortable and commemorate their loved ones.

Ancestral Pedestals
Ancestral Pedestals

The Hall for Praying

This hall was mainly designed for clients who want to pray while remembering their loved ones and ancestors. In addition, it lets the visitors worship the 3 Buddhas of the West.


The JI Ling Suite

This is a special room of Nirvana Memorial Garden where clients can keep their loved one’s photographs for 49 days. There are constant prayers and chants being offered here to make clients happy and feel glad that the souls of their loved ones are now in a peaceful place.

Family Suite

This is the unique and elegant Family Suite in Nirvana that caters to the customers who want to be together, even when they are already in the afterlife. This suite is exclusive and the number of niches is limited to give a unique opportunity to their customers. The number of urns the niches can hold in this suite are 8, 12, 16, and a maximum of 24 urns.

Ancestral Pedestals
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