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Nirvana Agency Award 2017

Nirvana Memorial Singapore
Nirvana Memorial Singapore

Singapore CBDD Champion – Xu Liang Ying

It was a divine arrangement for me when I chanced upon the Nirvana Group.

“Thank you for giving me an international stage to perform and the opportunity to shine on this stage.”

The key to success is about seizing the opportunity and meeting the right people at the right time.

It all started when my uncle, Mr. Xu Chunxing persuaded me to join the Nirvana Group family. Taking up a role that allows me to contribute to one’s fulfillment in life. Under his guidance and leadership, I was able to create breakthroughs and innovations in the course of the agency’s business development. Thank you uncle, for your relentless support.

I like to thank Nirvana Asia Group’s Founder and Managing director Tan Sri Dato’ Kong Hon Kong for bringing the Nirvana business into Singapore and empowering me to run and develop it.

To the company’s senior management group; Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dato‘ Sri Kong Yew Foong; Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Yu Chia Chang, Jerry; Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Chen Shanling; and Business Development General Manager, Dennis Ng; thank you for all your backing and support.

Of course not forgetting my team and customers, it’s your encouragement that drives me forward, meeting the challenges without fear. You are the indispensable people in my life!

The strength of one individual is weak, but with a strong team, we can weather any storm and stay victorious at all times.

The honor and glory that I received today do not belong to me alone, but also to my team, “Fu Gui services”. During the past nine years, the team has gone through thick and thin with me, together with excellent teamwork, professional work ethics, and unparalleled customer service, we have won the trust and praises from many customers.

As we strive to serve our customers better, we started the operations of the Jurong East Service Center. Address: Blk 130 Jurong Gateway Road #01-237 Singapore 600130 (Jurong East MRT CPF Building)

Last but not least, to my team and partners; joining the Nirvana Agency is a wise choice. Once you have decided on this career path, be persistent and push on. It is a mission that enriches our lives while helping others to complete their fulfillment in life planning.

This stage belongs to everybody! As long as you are with the right company, have the right products, and with the right team, success is always within your reach.

Continue to treat our customers wholeheartedly with the utmost respect. Let us work towards living life to the fullest and challenge yourself to bring out the brilliance in it!

Thank you, everyone.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

Nirvana Memorial Singapore

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Nirvana Memorial Singapore