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Nirvana Memorial Singapore provide a One-Stop on Carving a niche in after-death services such as Funeral Service Packages, Puchase Columbarium and Pedestal.

A Leading Death Care Service Provider

In case you have lost a loved one, Nirvana Memorial Garden is a funeral service provider that is leading in Asia because of the revenue, contract sales, and land bank. Landbank the land owned or managed by Nirvana that they are selling for burial plots. Nirvana’s professional team gained the goodwill of being a business role model because of how dedicated they are. The continuous effort and hard work they give has paid off and it is given affirmation by the accolades the group has won. Singapore Nirvana has won numerous awards and gained recognition throughout the years.

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Nirvana - Columbarium Niches

A columbarium is the final resting place of the departed and the mortal remains of the deceased is kept in an “urn” and then placed in a Columbarium. The family members can customize the urn placed in the niches by keeping the memories of the deceased like their accessories, photographs, and other memorabilia to commemorate their life. Columbarium Singapore allows the loved of the deceased to have a comfortable place where they can visit the dead.

In addition, Nirvana Columbarium is built using modern technology and top-quality standards of construction while providing the best services and facilities. The design can also be chosen to decorate the niche based on the preference of the deceased as a sign of remembrance at a reasonable cost. You can also use Feng Shui in choosing the niche because it is believed to affect everyone’s prosperity. A niche that resembles home is no longer impossible and it is in a peaceful and cozy environment. Moreover, crematorium Singapore services are also fairly priced with consideration to those who lost a loved one.

Choa Chu Kang Columbarium

The Choa Chu Kang Columbarium is part of Nirvana Memorial Garden and their impeccable reputation has also reached foreign media. The current quality of hardware they provide is focused on constructing the hardware which reflects what the ancestors’ descendants adore and have continuous rituals to commemorate the deceased.

They offer a cozy environment that lets their relatives have a comfortable area where they can chat with each other and have a sumptuous meal at the cafeteria after they have honored their ancestors. At the same time, reinforcing the important Chinese values that promote harmony and piety. They are also responsible for organizing special events while festive periods take place like the Chinese New Year and Vesak day so that visitors can take part in celebrations. During the 7th month and Qing Ming, there are enlightened ceremonies held with prayer sessions so that departed souls are pacified.


Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Exhaustion Program

In 1998, an announcement was made by the government that the burial period for all the graves at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is only good for 15 years. The ones that since 2004, 15 or more years old, have undergone progressive exhumation in different phases.

On July 18, 2017, the government made an announcement that 45,000 graves in the cemetery are going to be exhumed for the purpose of expanding Tengah Airbase in the future. NEA is going to exhume Chinese graves that are already 15 years old because of the ongoing exhumation in the CKK cemetery.

Nirvana - Columbarium Niches

Funeral Service Packages

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides one of the top funeral services Singapore and they prioritize respect for women.

They have the “White Ladies” which is a team of female embalmers who are also professionally trained beauticians to handle the deceased female body in an immaculate method and a genuine heart. Therefore, their spouses, children, and parents are more comfortable and at ease, with the kind of respect that the service gives to their departed loved one.

Nirvana Funeral Packages

Services include:

  • Embalmment and coffin services
  • Reporting the death and obtaining a burial clearance for the deceased
  • Securing the release of remains
  • Arterial embalming or dry ice and make-up services
  • Imported costume for longevity (1 set), Burial casket, cremation casket, urn
  • Cremation and the retrieval of ashes
  • Memorial ceremony preparation
  • Canopy use or parlor
  • Majestic altar use
  • Photograph enlargement
  • Decorated photo frame
  • Lanterns and placards
  • Mourning garments
  • Record book used in the memorial
  • Memory lane rack use

Nirvana Funeral Packages

The funeral packages of Nirvana Memorial Garden are fair and justifiable because providing the best services for customers is the top priority.

All-in-One Package

All-in-one package

The funeral packages have everything which is required for a perfect and smooth funeral because people should spend valuable time remembering the departed loved ones. In addition, the packages cover all bases to save the customer from worrying about problems that may arise. When the funeral package is availed, everything will be planned out according to request without giving the stress of worrying about it.

Great Customer Support

Great customer support

The company takes pride in giving the most efficient and top customer support for clients. Nirvana Memorial Garden takes the needs of the clients very seriously while offering great solutions to situations that customers face. If a client has questions that need answers immediately, he or she can rely on the customer support team to give them the correct answers right away.

The customers are handled well and they are treated with the best level of respect out there

The Price is Affordable

The price is affordable

The funeral packages are competitively priced and the customers are not overcharged for the items and services provided, unlike the competitors. You can call to receive a quote about the exclusive price offered only to the clients who call from the website.

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Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore has the best offer for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one by giving the kind of service they deserve. In addition, the company continuously works to meet client expectations. As a funeral service provider, it is their job to take care of what is needed after death.